All The Reasons To Paint The Outside Of Your Residence During The Fall Months

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With the encroachment of the fall season upon us, there are many wonderful things to look forward to: Picking out pumpkins from the local pumpkin patch, smelling the sweet and wondrous odors of a fire crackling from a neighbors hearth, and bundling up in your favorite fall outfits.

However, as a homeowner, fall also brings with it the all important duty of checking your property for various items which may need to be tended to. Fall is a great time to get in some last minute paint jobs on the external areas of your house. Even though fall is a wonderful time to touch up your house with some sparkling new paint, there are a handful of pointers you will want to follow before embarking on your new paint job. Follow these steps and you will be sure to head into the winter months with the piece of mind that you have raised your curb appeal and property value.

6 Arguments For Painting In The Fall

  1. Depending on the time of fall you start to paint, you could see temperature variation from the mid-afternoon time frame compared to morning or evening. However, those pesky summer bugs will be mostly out of your hair (and wet paint)
  2. Because there is less humidity during the fall, the paint you apply to your exterior will be able to dry and settle with strong results
  3. If you inadvertently miss a spot, or notice damage to your exterior as you are painting, you can quickly hire a pro to set things right. Conversely, if you wait until the winter, it can be much more difficulty to find a company willing to come to your property
  4. Just like the lowering of the humidity during the fall, the average daytime temperature of the fall season is perfect for allowing paint to dry
  5. With the summer rainy season in the rearview mirror, fall allows for mostly uninterrupted daytime painting sessions
  6. Impress your family when they visit for the holiday season. By getting your painting done in the fall, you can sit back and gloat during the holiday season as your visiting family members drool over your turkey and pro-level paint job

More Tips For Success

  • Paint midday during the fall to catch the warmest temps and least volatile weather
  • Unlike the summer when you are trying to paint in the shade to avoid the blistering heat, during the fall it is wise to paint in the direct sunlight
  • The colder it gets, the more difficult it is for your paint to dry quickly. This can be especially problematic when you are applying multiple coats. Take note to attempt to paint when the temperature is around 50 degrees
  • Try to avoid painting in windy weather during the fall. While that breeze can bring welcome relief during the summer, it can send dirt, dust, and leaves flying into your fresh, wet paint during the fall

We hope these tips and tricks will motivate you to get your exterior painting done this fall!

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