The Plan: How to Avoid Mistakes when Remodeling your Kitchen

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Remodeling a kitchen is never an easy task. All of the meticulous details, the unforeseen problems, the way the numbers start to pile up, the way the colors look nothing like you imagined… At best, it’s a necessary headache. But the one thing that throws a wrench in the works like none other is the moment when you find out you and your partner were not on the same page. God forbid it happen, especially when everything is all done.

Communications break down so easily. It happens, but it’s so, so avoidable.

Roll Call

If you’re at the point that remodeling a kitchen is well within your reach, it’s fair to assume that most of the moving parts are on different schedules. Things come up; work is never ending, the kids have a doctors appointment, someone has a cold… It can seem so cumbersome to schedule a time where everyone can be present. 

One of the most important aspects of remodeling your kitchen is being on the same track.

Whether it’s the consultation or everything that comes after, ensuring that all deciding members of the project are present will, in the long run, save you valuable time. That time really only becomes more and more important if your vision ends up being awkwardly different from your partners and you find yourself having to fix a problem after the project is complete. And, hey, speaking of that? Fixing a completed project isn’t exactly the best way to pinch pennies. 

Ask questions. Clarify for the others. Really get the picture painted so that everyone aboard can visualize and agree.

Source Competent Local Contractors

So you were able to make the schedule work? Congratulations! But were you able to find a trustworthy contracting company to help you along? What do you even want from a good contractor? 

Something to look for when deciding on a contracting company is a detail oriented mindset. Are they being clear on the product? Do you have a firm grasp on the whole process? Or are you feeling more pressure with less information? With a shady contractor, you might find yourself with questions that were never answered or, worse, answered in a roundabout and uninformative way. If you have the feeling in the back of your mind that information you thought was important is being worked around in a weird way, maybe ask around. Or maybe you weren’t able to get a time block scheduled out like we discussed earlier and there’s pressure to just “get it over with”. At the very least, that’s a sign to start thinking about other options.

Really what it boils down to is this: an honest contractor is the most valuable asset to the entire redesign process. Anything worth the money is worth the time. An honest company knows that, and it should reflect in their willingness to be open to your vision. Keeping your interests in mind should be their number one priority. It shouldn’t just be a money grab for them. It’s a team effort, and they should be with you from start to finish to make your dream kitchen come to life.

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