How to Avoid a Roofing Nightmare

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If there’s one thing that’s certain with the roof over your head, it’s that if something starts going wrong it certainly isn’t going to heal itself. Whether it’s a seemingly insignificant leak or something far, far worse, when it hits emergency status it may seem like any help will do. With something so important and (let’s face it) expensive, maybe take a breather before jumping on anything right away.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that nobody should want roof repairs to be a quick event. I am saying that a little bit of shopping around has never hurt anyone. With so many more-than-able thieves in the industry, trusting the first smiling face you see can turn into a dangerous mistake.

Now don’t get to feeling afraid or skeptical. It’s a scary thought, being ripped off on something so important, but you can avoid that nightmare. But how do you avoid getting scammed by a roofer? Today, we’re going to go over a few pieces of advice that can hopefully help.

How to Avoid Fly By Night Roofers

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t heard of Fly By Night Roofers. For those who don’t know, these particular companies prey on the desperation of areas that have been severely affected by major storms like tornadoes or massive hail storms. They show up almost as if summoned by the wake of the storm and strike door to door, offering speedy repairs to your roof.

“It might be fast, but what about cost?” you might be asking yourself. Therein lies one of the tactics, trademarks, and telltale signs of this particular breed of evil. Oftentimes, these people will offer you a limited time price cut. This aggressive sales tactic is what they use to really put the pressure on their unsuspecting victims

The scariest part about these companies is that the work might look just fine at first. But over time, more issues can pop up and this is the biggest danger with Fly By Night roofers: their work isn’t always insured. That means that even though your home survived the storm and you got by spending less right off the bat, the company isn’t accountable by any means. Once they finish the job, it’s not like you’ll be able to find them anyway. 

One of the biggest weapons you have in your arsenal is modern technology. The windows of time they offer might be small, but it should be enough to do a bit of research. Look up their company and search for signs of local presence. Without local evidence that this company offers quality workmanship, there’s no guarantee that the job they do is going to keep you happy. Be wary of the online reviews, too: look for signs that could mean fake accounts.

Scheduling & Timeline

If you’ve found a trustworthy and able roofing company, they should have a clear timeline that they plan on getting each part of your roof repair done. When that schedule isn’t met, the cracks can show though. If you’ve made inquiries as to why the timeline isn’t being met and you have no responses besides excuses and complaints, it’s time to brainstorm. Do a bit of research to another local company and tell them what’s going on. It never hurts to get a second opinion if something feels off.

Warranties and Guarantees

Any company can give you a quality guarantee. This does not, however, mean if they mess something up that they are responsible for it. When shopping around, make sure you know that both the materials AND the workmanship are insured and warrantied. The last thing you want is something that happens down the line to fall on you and your wallet. Make sure, no matter who you go through, that you only have to pay for this job once.

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