Remodeling Your Home For the Holidays

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It’s that time of the year, folks. We made it to the holiday season and without a second to spare. Thankfully, all of the stresses that this year has brought to us can finally be washed over with the stresses of the holidays. With all of the family visits, the overnighters, and the time spent with your loved ones, the last thing you’ll want to add to your stress list is how comfortable and presentable your home is. Fortunately, there’s still enough time to make a couple of small remodeling decisions before the food hits the table! You could…

  • Upgrade your kitchen

The kitchen is always a great place to start with a remodel considering it’s going to be where most of the stress time will be spent (or possibly act as a safe haven to the chaos that families can be). It doesn’t even have to be everything all at once. Maybe you want to redo the counters or cabinets? Or maybe it’s shopping around for new appliances that’ll help give your kitchen a sleeker feel! Picking even one item at a time will help make your kitchen feel a bit renewed.

  • Fix up your breakfast nook

Maybe it’s something as small as a new lighting fixture or something as noticeable as a new table set. Either way, it’s a fantastic time to help your eating area get a makeover that wows your guests. After all, this is going to be another hot-spot for holiday activities.

  • Update your old stair runner

Is your stair runner looking a wee bit worn down or even out of date? A lot of contractor runners can wear out pretty fast, so maybe it’s time to start shopping around. Make sure that, no matter your choice, to add a nice border to really make it stand out in those high traffic areas.

  • How’s the entryway lookin’?

Arguably one of the more affordable remodel locations is your entryway, which is great considering how important first impressions are! If your first room is looking dull and uninspired, maybe consider a nice fresh layer of seasonal paint. Maybe with all of the guests popping in, it’s a good time to shop around for a coat rack, maybe a bench with a shoe compartment, or even a nice table for people to store their keys or wallets. Don’t forget about the walls! Hanging up tapestries or family photos can really help make people feel at home right away and really kick start making new memories.

  • Design your living room around a subject

Do you have a nice centerpiece to focus your living room around? Maybe it’s the TV set or your fireplace? Or maybe you’ve had your eye on a nice new coffee table and you’re finally ready to pull the trigger on buying it? Whatever it may be, being conscious of your living area and organizing your furniture well can really spruce up the room. Just make sure there’s enough room for the hustle and bustle of the family!

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