Siding Replacement

Signs your siding could use a boost

This isn’t a tactic to scare you into replacing your siding, but it’s important for you to be educated on what to look for in failing siding. Perhaps it’s just a bit chipped and worn down. If you’re comfortable with that, so are we. However, there are some signs of more serious problems that you should be keeping an eye out for:

1. Broken/damaged siding

This one is easily seen pretty quickly. Not only is it quite unattractive, it’s putting your home in danger of infestations, leaks and mold that can cost a pretty penny to fix.

2. Mold and Mildew

Homes that are not comprised of concrete or brick tend to be made from porous materials, ripe for mold spores. When mold and mildew rear their ugly heads, the entire surrounding area must also be removed to stay safe.

3. Rot

Rot and mold are not synonymous with one another, contrary to popular belief. For rot, keep an eye out for broken siding. If a piece is compromised, it needs to be removed completely and replaced by a healthy piece.

4. decreased insulation abilities

If you’ve noticed your electric bills are increasing without reason, check your siding. It could be compromised and allowing unwanted air to travel in and out of the home, thus raising your heating and cooling costs.

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