Flooring Design Trends

Flooring designs and trends have changed throughout the years with the invention of more and more engineered products that are made to imitate natural products such as wood, tile, and stone. The invention of such products has changed the housing industry immensely. The development and perfecting of these engineered products has changed many aspects of what is now possible with wood look surfaces being functional in bathrooms, kitchens, and other wet areas. These products are headlined by luxury vinyl plank products, or LVP for short. Luxury vinyl plank products have many options within the broad category as well. One of the newest trends is the development of a multi width design which helps to create the most realistic looking worry free flooring option on the market today. When paired with the proper color pallet this product can help bring out various color features in your countertops and brick or stone patterns.

Nucore Rigid Plank Multi Width – River Port

The luxury vinyl planks made by NuCore feature a 15 warranty along with a cork backing that is said to have the best water resiliency available on the market today. Volk Homes & Exteriors is proud to install this product in our new custom homes as well as our remodel jobs whenever possible. The product is pet and allergy friendly as well as very durable for the growing and rambunctious family with children. If you are interested in discovering what luxury vinyl plank flooring would cost in your home please schedule a consultation with us and we will be happy to walk through your home and find the design and colors that are right for your home. Schedule with us here. As with all of the projects at Volk Homes & Exteriors we offer affordable financing on every flooring replacement project! Don’t let the overwhelming task of saving for such a project deter you from proceeding with an investment that will pay you back not only in comfort, but also the appeal from your home’s new face lift!

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